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The only wheel nut management system that both indicates
AND locks a loose wheel nut in place

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  • The only wheel nut management system that both indicates AND locks a loose wheel nut in place

  • The device holds the nut in place until the operator has the opportunity to re-torque the nut

  • Simple push-to-fit procedure requiring no special tools

  • Manufactured from premium grade automotive polymers

  • Enhance the image of your fleet

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Of Wheel Nut Loss

Wheels come off when the wheel nuts holding the wheel to the vehicle lose clamp force and become loose. There can be a number of reasons why a wheel nut can become loose.

Often users will over-torque a wheel nut with the reasoning that tighter is better. However, over-torquing actually stretches the studs or threads beyond their ability to respond. It can also result in cracked, seized or cross-threaded nuts and cracked wheels. Conversely, under-torquing results in the nut unthreading when subject to vibration.

Excessive braking or worn bearings can result in high temperatures, causing the wheel bolts to expand and contract as the temperatures vary. This causes the wheel nut to lose its grip on the bolt, resulting in a loss of torque.

Improper mating surfaces can be caused by contaminants such as dirt, rust and paint and also by old nuts and bolts, damaged or bent hubs and wheels, and worn or elongated bolt holes. These uneven surfaces can create “false torques” between the nut, bolt and wheel surfaces, where the force is used to overcome friction and is not converted to clamping pressure.



Too loose or too tight



Excessive heat generated from braking or bearing wear



Due to contaminants, damaged or bent hubs and bolts

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The Safetytrim System

  • INDICATES - a yellow tab appears in window if a nut has lost clamp force and de-torqued

  • LOCKS - it prevents that nut from turning any further than 1/6th of a turn

  • SAVES TIME – in daily walk around and vehicle checks and audits

  • PROTECTS – the nut from weathering, corrosion and general road damage

  • DURABLE - made from automotive engineering grade material able to withstand extremes of temperature and conditions

  • USER FRIENDLY - can be fitted and removed in seconds using the supplied removal tool

  • COMPANY IMAGE - clearly shows best practice and looks fantastic

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  • Avoid total loss of a wheel and tyre

  • Avoid damage to third party vehicles, property or people

  • Reduce labour costs by preventing wheel nuts seizure

  • Reduce vehicle downtime losses and repair and replacement costs

  • Reduce insurance premiums

  • Enhance the look of your fleet for both new and older equipment

  • Save time in daily walk around and vehicle checks and audits

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Click on the video on the left to see a full description of the Safetytrim fitting and removal instructions

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